Are you addicted to awesome things such as video games, movies & TV shows? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

The Awesome Addiction is your weekly podcast for all things awesome and addictive in the realms of video games, movies and TV shows! Join host Shane Bailey, co-host Jason Hendrickx and guests as they delve into what they’ve been playing and watching, and join the discussion in the comments section or on the official Facebook page.

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Host: Shane Bailey
Ever since he wrapped his hands around an NES controller, Shane has been an avid enthusiast helpless addict of video games. Falling in love with titles such as Yoshi’s Island, Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing and Halo, Shane knew that video games would be a major part of his life. Inspired by podcasts such as 1UP Yours and more recently The Totally Rad Show and Weekend Confirmed, Shane decided to team up with fellow addict Jason Hendrickx to get in on the podcast action. He is also a Staff Writer over at Australian video games site Doublejump where he regularly writes news, reviews and and features!

Co-Host: Jason Hendrickx
From a young age, growing up on a steady diet of films, video games, television, novels, music and comics, Jason has been a huge fan mindless addict to all things in popular nerd culture. Being able to recall movies, actors, and “did you know?” trivia points with almost supernatural like powers, Jason’s passion for film is only matched by his moxie for video games and comics. Inspired by the things he loves most and his passion for writing, Jason uses his scientific training to analyse popular culture in his own unique and passionate way. Teaming up with good friend and ‘fellow addict’ Shane Bailey on the podcast action, Jason strives to show that not everything needs to be super negative.

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  1. Hey ! This podcast is awesome and you guys rock, you’ve got everything a good podcast needs; really good diction, loud enough voices, and nice production (+ great taste in video games and films).

    Loved your take on the Bioshock Infinite ending subject, even though i didn’t agree with everything that’s been said. I actually think the whole quantum mechanics part is a bit over-simplified/vulgarized. Anways, great game, great podcast ! You guys keep doing this, i’ll definetly rate it on Itunes and keep listening to it every week end 🙂

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