Ep. 033 – Thor: The Dark World, About Time, Batman: Arkham Origins, Heavy Rain – 2nd November 2013


Thor: The Dark World: 00:02:40 – 00:32:14
About Time: 00:34:05 – 00:54:03
Batman: Arkham Origins: 00:54:41 – 01:29:02
Pokemon X & Y: 01:29:14 – 01:40:45
GTA 5: 01:40:46 – 01:46:02
Heavy Rain: 01:46:04 – 01:53:00

It’s a MEGA episode this week, and in an appropriately heroic fashion Shane, Jason H, Ben and Terry kick it off with their thoughts on Marvel’s smashing sequel Thor: The Dark World. In the second segment the guys review Richard Curtis’ About Time.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.32.31 PMAnd in the second half of the show, Jason M and Luke swap in to review Batman: Arkham Origins. The guys also give their final thoughts on GTA 5 and Pokemon X & Y, and Shane dives into his video game Pile of Shame and finally plays Heavy Rain.Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.48.23 PMThanks once again for taking the time to listen to the show 🙂

Join us next week when we dive into more from our Pile of Shame including Pulp Fiction and Monsters Inc.


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